Founded in 2005 in Boston MA, MatchPoint is a sales organization that implements a consistent day to day sales program which nurtures and closes new business sales. Our unique sales strategy, talent, process and technology maximizes our overall sales program, shortens the sales cycle and lessens the cost of sales---increasing firms profitability. MatchPoint 'hunter' sales consultants bring 20-30 years experience and targets, nurtures and closes new business in the financial, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, nonprofit, education, lifesciences and professional services industries.

MatchPoint consists of sales consultants with 20-30 years of industry knowledge and experience and focuses exclusively on bringing in new business for our clients. We offer three ways of assisting our clients; Consulting Sales/Marketing strategy and planning or, we provide a two person sales team to implement our new business program onsite or, manage and direct an internal sales team and will hire new talent on behalf of our clients to meet our objectives.

We know new business revenue is the lifeblood of any company and without it the company doesn't build and evolve . . . it becomes stagnant. We understand the importance of new clients and the consistency of implementing a new business strategy to achieve more revenue. MatchPoint's sales program is an outreach program targeted to companies to build referrals and new business sales. It is implemented daily, complements our client's operations, and nurtures five channels of opportunity™.

At MatchPoint, we have a clear commitment—not just today or this week, but a long-term vision to help your business grow.