We are looking for professional sales people who would like to join our team at Matchpoint. You must be positive and dynamic---and think out of the box. You will be employed by MatchPoint and servicing our client.

This is a part-time position at Matchpoint---20 or 30 hours/week---to research and find new prospects that are interested in our clients services and, who would like to meet and explore the possibility of working together. You are outgoing person and enjoy contacting prospects, sending material, managing a CRM, creating weekly sales reports and are computer savvy. You are comfortable discussing our client’s services with a President or senior management and can quickly identify opportunities to help you attain meetings on a regular basis. We will train you to be in this position and teach you what will be expected from you. You will work closely with the Account Supervisor who oversee the account and who also attends the scheduled meetings you set to help close.

Your role is to manage client  accounts and implement a recommended new business program with the client on an on-going basis. You are sales strategy oriented, recommend and utilize marketing to support the process, oversee the lead gen/prospecting person, provide and review weekly reports and attend weekly sales meetings. You will nurture five channels of opportunity for our client---and develop partnering opportunities, assist in meeting with the prospect, refine cost proposals and meet, negotiate (follow-up if necessary) and close. This position works closely with the President who will be strategizing with you and the client to provide a targeted sales process to meet their goals. You will also report back to Matchpoint and give recommendations as to improvements and adjustments to the process when needed to maintain a consistent result.

Please email a cover letter --and resume to margaret@matchpointb2b.com--tell me where your passion lies, why you want to be part of our team and what 3 key experiences support your desire to do so.