MatchPoint consists of a dedicated team of business professionals who service our clients with deep appreciation and experience in prospecting, sales, and marketing. Our approach starts strategic and then gets tactical. Our first goal is to reach a full understanding of our client's business. We discover, what sets them apart than the competition? What is their brand image in the marketplace? What are their core services? What message do they convey on their web site and in their sales collateral? How do they attract new customers and retain them?

In addition, we review what has been their success to attract new customers, as well as what didn't. We identify which prospects will be great customers and how to engage them. We then develop a plan of action, presenting our clients with a fully coordinated and consistent sales process, from research through close. Each sale is pursued with great precision as well as passion, in a way that lessens the sales cycle. We carefully guide the prospective customer to arrive at the decision to do business with our client. We also build and maintain contact management software, monitor and report within weekly sales meetings. We 'hand hold' the prospect through the close of sale, and through every stage leading up to that point: participating in detailed discussions, providing costs for services, answering any and all questions, providing references, negotiating, and staying closely in touch until the final decision has been made.

We don't work in a vacuum. We fully integrate our people with our client's staff, forming a cohesive team working in unison to fully achieve our mutual goal. And through their close participation in the process, our clients understand that their success is our success. We listen. Collaborate. Strategize. Understanding more each day what makes their company unique, and the value they bring to their customers. Each step to close a deal is crucial. By leveraging our client's knowledge and experience, we create harmony and an ideal fit. We do essential, detailed research, set meetings and conference calls to ask detailed questions, learning all we can about each prospect before walking through their door. We also set meetings with like-minded partners in our client's industry to establish referral opportunities.

To reach out and build a relationship with new prospects goes beyond just a phone call. Strong marketing initiatives help potential customers recognize our client's brand and profile in the marketplace. It indirectly touches the prospect through a different channel. And, it complements our direct sales approach. Moreover, we require our client's participation in the sales process and commitment in implementing a concerted marketing communication effort. It's at the heart of our strategy, and we carefully guide our client through the entire process.

MatchPoint utilizes an on-site team approach, working every day to reach their new business goals. Through strategy and research, we nurture new business relationships, converting them into scheduled meetings and sales to help your business grow.